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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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i don't know about this. the only thing that concerns me is i always here from the latino community it's how hard to find people that are qualified. when you go to the grocery stores and go to the bread isle to find milk. do i reach out as to the black community. we've got 4 seats here i'm making an assumption if i'm not mistaken i can't rest my head on what the mayors going to do but being a member on this committee i can encourage that were i know
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i get it there's a commitment that what the need is in terms of developing a very diverse representation. one of the speakers steve said it well, to reach out to the communities and that's the right track. i also think this body should be reflective of the lgbt community and consider the pacific eyeder community in this. so those are my statement rather. i wanted to ask you. sometimes, the mayor's office is graciousus and b will allow us to make suggestions. do you have an opportunity to list some folks you might want to consider for your 5. is that being talked about
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>> yes. >> your currently talking to supervisors i wanted to know about the mayor's office. >> no our officer has been talking to the mayor's office about people that have applied. >> i i know on this list is it diverse. are we talking about i want men and women or social diversity that's representative >> who you're saying and who you were suggesting to the mayor? >> no we've not suggested to the mayor who should be applying. >> on this note how do we get as many people to apply tow the board seats as possible. this piece of legislation it's
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been written about in the b a r and the chronic chronicle a num months back. we haven't received a lot of interest in people so we talked to some of the democratic clubs wore involved in and some of the community based organizations in my district including folks from public housing or anywhere else. so that's what you have here reflects what the people who have impressed e expressed an interest >> if there's a entire to sort of expand that i think it's great. like again from envy prospective i want to have as many people as possible. the 4 people you have here would
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do a good job. my view was also let's see who applies and gets appointed and we'll see where the gaps are. obviously this is left to the rules committee in terms off how to proceed. i'll be open to your help and suggestions >> finished? so here's supervisor campos. hold on a second. i know that you author the resolution for this committee and certainly i probably looked you for your leadership to help the rest of us who are also on
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the board of supervisors to bring in people that are interested and i'm going to say that i don't want to feel like it should be only you. i'm part of the board of supervisors and i certainly could have done much more than i did. i concur with envy colleagues it would have been nice to have more diversity in the applicants. i want to take some responsibility for that, too. so if my colleagues have a suggestion in terms of how to move forward >> if i may supervisor. i have to say that one of the things that i thought was
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important in terms of bringing this item forward was to simply put it in the public eye, if you will, that this is happening. you know, and we collectively voted for this we have to decide the best approach. the way i envision it is you have 4 amazing individuals and i think that there's a role for them and it can happen through the board or through the mayor, you know, and if there's a desire to sort of spread the word even more that's a good thing. my hope the only thing i hope is more people become interested; right? >> asks me mr. characterize a
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vacant is post on the website since december 23rd and it was sent to the main library for publishing. >> i appreciate that but i realize that when there's unusually a new committee or new board forms we have the responsibility also to add to the effort to sort of shack the brandishes on the try. supervisor breed >> yeah. i also want to say that i too would say to supervisor campos that i have to take responsibility for not necessarily participating in the process. i you have led this fight and
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had been at the forefront and part of that was to support you and to take your lead. i will say that i know many of the persons who are applying to be on the seat and to serve many whom - most who i respect and appreciate for all the work they continue to do for the city. i think that i would like to see us maybe move forward with 2 of the seats and potentially hold back on two of the seats to give us an opportunity to participate in helping with fayette i don't want to go down a political road because this is the start of manage that is a great example
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of how we name things. the state throws things out there and makes decisions i've not said that in public. and i want to see some real thought go into the decision with a diverse prospective and not just a political complete political prospective. i will say that i think, you know, and i'll kind of let things go where they may. but john and i thought it was joe. john. yes, so john, i think i'm actually he'll be a great person to serve because he brings the boarder traffic and he brings
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that particular interest. it's a balanced interest in making sure that as someone who understands and people who visit and the encouragement to get people to visit i want to see once we make the decision exceptionally to name the terminal we incorporate that into the capacity in san francisco that takes it to a level of promoting the history. i think that would be a great person to actually - he would be a great person to serve and be in the mix of this. though i think i would be more of a mayor appointment than a supervisor. i appreciate what maggie brings to the table. usually when someone is a city
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apply i'm apprehensive but not only is she an st. student >> now we know. >> but more porl. >> no bias. >> i'm really excited about her history and what she was poernl to bring to the table as it relates to her mom. one of the things i was afraid of is naming all the tirnlz but let's approach it from an objective that san francisco history is important i think your family would bring something to the table and naming the terminals not just for harvey milk.
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and i definitely want to move those forward. i'm not necessarily opposed to selecting alex but in all fairness look at some potentially alternatives and keep him in the mix of this process so we can make sure we have some level of balance as that relates to some of the things we seem to be for. i'll take responsibility in working with the mayor's office to make sure we have a balanced approach to the naming process overall. at this time i would like to move two names forward and give
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us a little bit of time to maybe, you know, revisit the two names like within a month time period to re-examine and make the appointments it's really not the intention to say if we get no one else we'll appointment them but to make sure we get more of a balanced approach to this committee and a supervisor campos >> at the mr. chair. i want to say i appreciate and agree with all the comments in making sure we have a good process. i think that is two individuals i think any one of those 4 will do a good job. i think the two individuals you've identified i agree.
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with my hope because there are appointment opportunities for the board and the mayor that we and the board will make recommendations to the mayor as well. and my hope is ail 4 of those individuals will have a role through this body or wherever. the only caution would be to make sure that we do come back within a month to move this forward. and my hope they'll be more attention paid now. i appreciate the comments and a thank you very much >> just out of respect for my colleague i want to walk away with a specific date and bring
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this matter back to rules and i would be more comfortable with that if we can. >> supervisor cowen do i have any comments. >> yes. i do thank you very much. i think supervisor breed that was a motion you put out? >> yes. a motion to appoint john to seat 6 and maggie to seat 7. and to continue seats 8 and 9 to the meeting of which looks like the 21st. >> the 21st. >> of november. >> oh, it looks three weeks away. okay. i can second that
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supervisor campos is on board with that >> i will support the motion. and it's important that while we have two names to name that we also maybe any of us could approach the mayor and say there's two people interested and either the mayor could through his process appoint or on november 21st that the names come back to us. and for a clarity i'm not rejecting the two names i want to not reject the two names that were not move forward >> i'm clear with.
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so with no objection that motion passes. thank you. thank you very much >> thank you and thank you to all 4 of you for your interests. >> yes supervisor avalos. okay. we're now we're going to our closed session i believe. so madam clerk can you call item 12 through 19. supervisor items are items regarding litigation with the city attorney's office. any any public comment on this item? on items 12 through 19.
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seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to convene into closed session >> second. now we're going to convene into closed
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